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Audiology Case Studies
Teri Hamill, PhD
Nova Southeastern University

These case studies are intended to augment classroom and clinical instruction and foster critical thinking. The cases use problem-based learning strategies. Students are encouraged to research questions if the needed information has not yet been included in coursework.

The materials on this site are copyrighted. Use in teaching (including copying materials for class distribuion) is permitted with attribution; however, republication on any public domain site is not permitted. Further information how to reference materials on this site is found on each tab homepage.

Commenting on cases is not enabled on this site. If professors wish to have a “clone” of this website created that allows their students to discuss the cases, this is feasible. Visit the professors’ resource page for more information.

Additional cases can be donated to the site. Graphics should be imbedded in a Word document, and a companion document of case analysis should be provided. A professor of audiology should review student submissions. Professional submissions are also welcome.

Updated 3/20/2012