Tutorial on Speech Tests

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Module:  Speech Tests

Does speech testing use an audiometer?

What is a spondee threshold (ST)?

What are some examples of spondee words? How is testing conducted?

What are some synonyms for spondee threshold?

What is a speech awareness threshold? (SAT)

If testing an adult, how would a speech awareness threshold be obtained?

List two reasons why the audiologist may obtain an SAT instead of an ST on an adult?

What is the role of speech awareness threshold testing in very young children?

How much "easier" is it to hear the words than to repeat them? How much lower should the SAT be than the SRT, if both tests were administered to the same person in the same ear?

How do you obtain a three-frequency pure tone average?

What is the three-frequency pure tone average for this patient?
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What is a "Fletcher average"?

When is a Fletcher average used?

Is a Fletcher average appropriate in this case? What are the pure tone averages?
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What is the relationship between the spondee threshold and the pure tone average?

Why should the ST and PTA agree?

Do you expect the ST to be exactly the same as the PTA?

What does it mean if the ST is not similar to the PTA?

What is the expected relationship between a SAT and a ST?

What is the expected relationship between the SAT and the PTA?

Want "the rest of the story" about PTA / ST agreement in cases of patients feigning losses (having "non-organic loss" or "pseudohypoacusis")? What does the relationship of PTA to SAT have to do with why persons with non-organic loss may have a PTA / ST disagreement?

Define "decibels sensation level" as it applies to speech testing.

If the spondee threshold in the right ear is 40 dB HL, and speech is presented at 65 dB HL, what is the sensation level.

If you wish to present something at 40 dB SL to a patient with an ST of 10 dB HL, what should the intensity level be set to on the audiometer when doing the testing?

What is the difference between "word recognition testing" and "spondee threshold testing"?

List synonyms for word recognition testing

What are common presentation intensity levels at which word recognition testing could be conducted? Why would these levels be used?

What type of words (# of syllables) are used? How many words are included on a word recognition test list? Do you familiarize the listener to the test items? Must you use a carrier phrase?

If 25 words are given, and the patient misses 6 of the words, what is the percent correct score? If 50 words are given, and the patient misses 11 items, what is the percent correct score?

Is the patient allowed to use speechreading cues when speech testing is conducted?

What is a "good" score? How do you interpret a word recognition score?

If word recognition testing is not predictive of the percentage of conversational speech understood, why is this testing conducted?

What is "roll-over" testing? How is it conducted? What is the normal results? What does an abnormal result indicate?

Is roll-over always a sign of an VIII nerve tumor or other retrocochlear involvement?

Complete this table

   Number of syllables of test items  Carrier phrase required? Visual cues permitted along with auditory?  Patient familiarized with test items? 
 Spondee Threshold testing        
 Word Recognition testing        

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