Tutorial on Speech Tests

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Module:  MCL, UCL and Recruitment Speech Tests

Define threshold, most comfortable listening level, and uncomfortable listening level

What kinds of sounds of everyday speech are heard by a person with normal hearing? How do these sounds relate to a comfortable and uncomfortable listening level?

What is recruitment?

What site of lesion is associated with the symptom of loudness recruitment? Why?

What is the definition of "dynamic range"?

If the spondee threshold is 10 dB HL, and the UCL for speech is 90 dB HL, what is the speech dynamic range? If the pure tone threshold at 3000 Hz is 50 dB HL, and the UCL for a 3000 Hz narrow-band noise is 95 dB HL, what is the dynamic range?

What is a normal dynamic range?

How does the audiologist determine if a person has recruitment?

What would be the diagnostic significance of finding a person with sensorineural loss who does NOT have recruitment?

Does a person with a conductive loss have recruitment?

How does measurement of MCL and UCL assist with a hearing aid fitting?

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